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POMOCY pilnie proszę

29 lis 2010 - 13:03:42

Napisałam esej na angielski ale mam mieszane uczucia i nie wiem czy jest dobrze bardzo prosiłabym jakbyś ktoś zechciał rzucić okiem byłabym bardzo wdzięczna.

Ever since I was ten years old I have known what kind of house I wanted to live in. A house that is on the lake. My dream home is a place of beauty, serenity and inspiration. It is a bungalow with a huge lawn, planted with fruit trees and flowering plants. There is plenty of space for a table and chairs so that when the weather is fine, my family can sit outside to have a meal or read the newspapers. There is also a lovely waterfall in the garden to soothe our minds with the sound of water falling. Birds perch on the trees to sing or nest and give us free concerts.
One of the most important details about a house is the location. My house will be located where it is quiet and peaceful. My house will be located on a small private lake, but about two hundred yards off the edge of the lake. If it would happen to rain a lot, I would want my house to be far enough away that it will not get damaged. I want my house to be located where it is warm in the summer and cold in the winter.
The structure of a house is a very important part of construction of the house. My dream home is large and spacious. The house is going to have two stories and a full basement. There are plenty of windows to make the place bright and airy. I do hate houses that are small, cramped and all shut up. It is for this reason that I dislike living in flats or condominiums every room in my dream house and every piece of furniture in it is designed to create beauty, warmth and peace.
My kitchen is small and neat. As I smell the aroma of well-made food, feel a warm sensation; I realize I am in my kitchen. That is where I spend many enjoyable hours of my life. There have been countless good memories while being in my most favorite place, my kitchen. The first time I stepped into the kitchen, it gave off this special warm feeling that no other room gave to me. The wallpaper is a nice tint of white that makes the room feel very cozy. The lighting is always adequate because there are numerous lights and there is a big window in front of the sink. The large sink always reminds me of some funny times I had while using it. My dream kitchen has a hue refrigerator and is fitted with cabinets made of oak. Its also has a radio-CD player so that I can listen to music.
All the bedrooms in my dream house are spacious. He have attached bathrooms and are fully air-conditioned. Each has a mini refrigerator stocked with drinks and tidbits so that there is always something to munch on even in the bedroom. In my bedroom bed is the center of my universe. It is a queen size sleigh bed that has dark blue sheets covering a pillow top mattress, a dark blue fuzzy blanket that smells of dryer sheets and 6 pillows of assorted shades of blue. My bed sits on beige carpet that covers the whole room. To the left is a closet, full of my clothing, and a computer desk with computer, a printer, speakers, CDR's, and television. The television is a nineteen inch with a black case. On top to the television is three pictures of my daughter. Then you move down to see a bunch of DVD's. As you look through all of the movies you will see so many titles like, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the complete Nightmare on Elm Street set, you will see The Matrix trilogy and the American Pie trilogy. I have two windows with white lace curtains and green ivy. There is a toilet with magazines. Then you look to your right and you see a walk in closet with chester drawers and a whole lot of clothes. Next to the computer desk there is a filing cabinet with a Play-station, a cable box and a bill filer full of CD's and floppy disks. Then you will come to the bathroom witch has a shower and a jet stream bath tub. Outside of the bathroom is the entrance to the room.
One of the most important rooms in my dream house is the library. Full of wonderful books on every subject in the world fill up the shelves that line the walls. I also have the latest table-top computer here on which I work on surf the internet.
Another important room is the music room where I have the latest hi-fi system to play songs and music from all over the world. I love music. At the other end of the room will be a large custom built bar. It will be stocked with liquor from many different countries, it will also hand several bottles of fine wine that I have brought up from my wine cellar.

POMOCY pilnie proszę

29 lis 2010 - 13:08:31

uczucia dobrze Ci podpowiadają, błędy się pojawiają ;)

POMOCY pilnie proszę

29 lis 2010 - 13:10:15

a można spytać jakie i gdzie
ktoś jeszcze pomoże naprawdę proszę
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Zmieniany 1 raz(y). Ostatnia zmiana 2010-11-29 13:46 przez a_g_a_23.

Przykro nam, ale tylko zarejestrowane osoby mogą pisać na tym forum.

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